Vinod Adnani

CEO & MD | Multiplex International LLC

While the beauty industry is usually associated with glamour and branding, it presents the same perspective an iceberg would, with the vast majority hidden from sight. Vinod Adnani’s family-run business is a pillar for the regional beauty industry, assiduously bringing curated beauty brands into the local market. Well managed and highly adapted to market changes, Multiplex International LLC’s digital arm has made quite the successful entrance into the UAE, and is poised to expand into the rest of the GCC.

Multiplex International LLC started off as a pivotal player in the backend of the Middle Eastern beauty retail industry,   sourcing   from international brands before launching and distributing them  within  the regional market. It was  in  1993  that  Adnani sensed the  huge  potential  for  redistribution within the local beauty industry thanks to rapidly growing consumer demands. Thorough  and detailed research saw him handpick a few niche brands and source colour cosmetics, skincare products and  beauty  accessories  to  bring  to Dubai.

His genius lay in exclusivity. By 1996, Multiplex International was the only distributor of the select beauty brands they represented, elevating the company enough to broker its venture into FMCG goods. As the business thrived over the years, his sharp intellect picked up on yet another golden opportunity in the regional industry; retail.

Not one to overlook the prospect of growth, he came to the decision that the time had come to venture into retail. The year 2005 saw him multiply the impact his business left on the market with the launch of Exquisite Beauty stores, GlamBeaute stores at key locations in the UAE and the franchising of retail stores for the popular international colour cosmetics brand, Flormar. Ever mindful of changing market demands, the company has also conquered ecommerce through GlamBeaute, a one-stop beauty shop whose online  division  supplies  to the biggest e-retailers in the region.

Today, the business features 60+ brands across FMCG

and beauty and boasts a 600-strong employee list.

It is perhaps telling of Vinod Adnani’s wholesome approach to business that he attributes the massive success of his enterprise to others. He credits his employees with the effective functioning and smooth rise of the company, and cherishes his wife and daughter’s stellar contribution to the family-run business. His admiration for Zig Ziglar stems from his heartfelt agreement of his philosophy; “You don’t build a business. You build people and then people build the business.” While his adept guidance swatted aside the supply-chain-management havoc that Covid wrecked and switched to essential items like sanitisers, disinfectants, masks and gloves, he is proudest of living up to his employees trust during the challenging time.


Driven and talented, the experienced PR & Marketing Director of Multiplex International LLC is renown for two things. The first thing that Prathna Adnani is known for is the consummate professionalism with which she supports high level executives, brand partners and clients associated with the company.

The second is for cultivating and launching the beauty accessory brand Xcluzive from scratch. An intuitive problem solver, she oversees Xcluzive products through from packaging, the right product mix, and sale channels funnel to the effective marketing that has put it on the map today. Today, over 130 products from the brand are easily available in most stores and hypermarkets in the region. Her powerful understanding of a brand’s needs comes from the many private label brands that she has already crafted in accordance to regional market trends before introducing to the local industry.


Multiplex International LLC’s Head of Ecommerce, Revna Adnani is a young, vibrant talent equal to the task of threading the e-commerce success needle. A trailblazer who added another dimension to the company’s revenue, she graduated from London College of Fashion before launching the online retail front of the business. The creator of, she strategises brand sales tactics at leading online market places in the region, including Amazon, Noon, Spree, and Namshi, amongst others. Key to the company’s adaption to the digital market space, her experience in the field is supplemented by the founding of Glam Fleurs; the luxury gifting business that crafts bespoke gifts and floral arrangements for high end clients.

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