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Air-Val International, a perfume company founded in Barcelona, Spain in 1979, is the leading company in the industry of children’s and adolescent fragrances worldwide. Their products are distributed and sold in 5 continents.

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Bio Skincare is a brand of natural skin care products, developed by Export Solutions International Limited in England. The product range includes moisturizing lotions, creams, scrubs and luxurious body butters.

Brushworks offers an array of products in multiple beauty categories whilst continuing with its core values of being innovative and high quality. Brushworks started with a core set of makeup brushes and sponges and has since expanded into Sponges, Implements, Beauty Accessories, Haircare Accessories.

Corine de Farme now proposes a range of skin care and beauty enriched with 100 % naturals extracts for the entire family and develops itself in France and is expanding internationally.


Cornells Wellness has swiftly emerged as a stalwart in the world of health and hygiene is revered as one of the most trusted brands in the UK. Products manufactured under Cornells Wellness are made using the very best elements and components, complying with rigorous international quality standards.

Since its creation, Cosmo Cosmetics has swiftly carved a place for itself in the world of Cosmetics and is revered as one of the trusted brands in the UAE. With a huge array of premium grade & affordable priced products, Cosmo Cosmetics offers an extensive range of haircare, skincare, personal care and men's grooming products ideal for everyday use by both men & women.

All products under Cosmo are manufactured using the latest cutting-edge technologies & breakthrough solutions ensuring to meet the International standards of quality & performance. Innovative & effective formulations are adopted along with highest quality ingredients to develop products that cater to the current needs of the consumers irrespective of the region they belong to and the beauty routine they follow.


Cottage is a brand of the Panther Group, a medium-sized company implanted in the Gironde region. It promises to let you enjoy the delights of nature while tending to your body, with a broad range of hygiene and personal care products.


Dr. Fresh, one of the fastest growing oral care companies in the U.S., is a multinational company with distribution in over 35 countries worldwide with major offices in London, UK and Shenzhen, China. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, the company offers consumers over 250 quality and affordable personal care products.

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Our mineral-enriched therapies and treatments are infused with essential oils that relax, replenish and rejuvenate your mind and body.

We combine time tested ingredients from nature with innovative formulations backed by science to deliver 100% natural products that works. We believe in holistic care to balance the mind, body, and spirit for a healthier you.Earthgenix offers its brands in more than 13 countries across the world, in   Middle East, Africa, South East Asia and the US.



Eco fresh is an in house brand of Multiplex & includes range of garbage bags & aluminum foil. It is one of the trusted brands by consumers when it comes to garbage bags & aluminum foil. Eco fresh is available all over UAE in the leading hypermarket’s & supermarket’s in UAE.

Enfresh fights bad breath, Plaque & gingivitis with the help of its active ingredient – Mint. Its active ingredient works inside the tooth to build soothing protection around the ner Its fluoride formula also strengthens teeth and the mint flavor leaves breath feeling fresh and your mouth feeling clean.

Completely sourced from nature, evian® water is made by the French Alps. Each drop starts as snow or rain at the top of the northern Alps before making a multi-year journey through a vast mineral aquifer and finally emerging at the spring in Évian-les-Bains, France.

Firefly®, America's #1 Kids Toothbrush Brand*, has been on a mission—to make healthy habits FUN for kids through imagination and play while empowering their development of good oral hygiene for life. Since we know childhood is the best time to form healthy habits, we set out to be a partner to kids and their parents in conquering that battle as a team.

Gray Away offers innovative solutions to unique hair concerns, which are designed to be as simple as they are effective. Here you’ll find a range of high performance, easy-to-use Root Cover Up products that are purpose-driven with one goal in mind: to deliver salon-worthy root coverage without having to step foot in a salon.

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HASK Exotic Oils collections provide “problem, solution” formulas designed to treat and repair all hair types. The range includes Shampoos, Conditioner, Deep Conditioners, Hair Oils, Leave-In Treatments and Dry Shampoos – all of which are 100% Cruelty-Free and formulated without the bad stuff (including: Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates, Gluten and Aluminum Starch). Referred to as Hollywood’s favorite hair care, HASK is used by Hair Stylists on the set of more Films & TV Shows than any other hair care brand.

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Inecto is a British beauty brand, and they believe in natural. They’re known for body-celebrating hair and skincare products that are truly inspired by nature.


Original olfactory signatures with timeless trails.
Born from the perfumery expertise of a family house, which creates fragrances since many generations for the largest perfume brands, INESSANCE PARIS has enjoyed recognized competence in luxury perfumery.
INESSANCE PARIS, it is the signature and the promise of sensory delight.
Fragrances like flowers on the skin, nestling in original and pure bottles that seduce and surprise...
A selection of essences, full of character, has always been the heart of INESSANCE PARIS' creations and ambitions.
Classic and timeless design with ultra-faceted and modern style, INESSANCE PARIS proposes an audacious range of quality perfumes developed in a universe full of seduction, magnetism and emotions.

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Internationally renowned, Jean Louis David is an essential beauty accessory brand that stands out thanks to its modernity and innovative accessories. As the leading European hair salon network and the 2nd network worldwide, this strong brand is a reference in the beauty sector. Jean Louis David places trends and product quality at the heart of the creative process in order to offer a complete range of professional quality products for home use.

JLD- Jean Louis David

Luxurious soaps offered in a range of fragrances raging from sweet and floral tones, to woody, musky & fresh notes. It is enriched with cream to moisturize skin & is manufactured in Dubai.Jo soap

KOOLFEVER, Japan’s best selling fever relief pad was initially developed to provide effective and convenient relief for children suffering from a fever. The popularity of our product has since encouraged us to develop a range of fever relief pads for babies and adults.

Nike perfumes

Nike is a Spanish perfume brand founded in 1929. It has nothing in common with the American sportswear company Nike. "Nike Perfumes is a brand with a history that begins circa 1929, when the trademark is legally registered. Its creator, an avid enthusiast of Greek mythology, chose the name of the Greek goddess of victory “Atenea Nikè” to develop a complete line of perfume and cosmetic products." - A note from the brand.

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oh so heavenly

At Oh So heavenly we believe that women deserve to feel confident and happy in their own skin. This means working out what makes you so special and individual, appreciating your strengths and helping you feel happy and fulfilled. Only once you learn to love and respect yourself can you be ready to love and respect others.

Oh So Heavenly

pearlie whitePearlie White Exclusive UAE website: The Latest Addition to Glambeaute's Online Presence.
We are excited to share with you the latest addition to Glambeaute's online presence- Pearlie White UAE. This oral care brand from Singapore is now available for purchase online, offering a seamless shopping experience and scientifically advanced oral care products.
Pearlie White is a brand that prides itself on providing clean formulations of toothpastes and mouth rinses that are clinically assessed to be effective and safe for everyday use and also their products are Halal certified.
Go ahead and give Pearlie White's oral care products ( a try- your teeth and gums will thank you for it.

Pearlie White

Petite maison

Since 2010, Petite Maison supports the value it gives to its skin and itself, starting from the warmth of a small happy home, has a product range suitable for every skin type and needs. With the best formulas and ingredients enriched with nourishing ingredients, we have created our products that highlight your natural beauty and get rid of stereotyped beauty perceptions and meet the modern era of the 1950s. In this journey from the 1950s to the present, we, as the Petite Maison family, continued on the path with the thought that hair, face and body mean nothing on their own and that a small touch can change many things.

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BFF Cosmetics was founded in 2010 with 40 years of experience with the aim of designing, producing, marketing and selling cosmetic products.  We have more than 400 kinds of products under the brand of PIELOR. BFF Cosmetics has a wide range of portfolio types such as production of Hair, Skin, Body, Men, Feminine, Oral, Sun, Foot, Baby Care products and also EDT & Cologne, SPA & Massage, Ambient Scenting products. Besides to our own brands, BFF Cosmetics realizes PL projects of domestic & international brands in the world. Since our foundation, BFF Cosmetics has a significant share in the market. PIELOR exporting countries are increasing every day. BFF is exporting to all Middle East, France, England, Italy, Bulgaria, Germany, and USA and even to Baltic countries on five continents. Pielor

Floss whenever, wherever* and avoid those embarrassing food-stuck-in-teeth situations. Never hold back a hello or laugh. Say goodbye to feeling self-conscious that the food between your teeth will be more distracting than your smile. Feel the freedom to be bold and smile like everyone is watching!

REVUELE Ltd is a well-respected, globally operating producer of cosmetics and personal hygiene products. We believe beauty products should be accessible to everyone, hence we are focused on developing formulations that are proven to be effective yet affordable for the mass consumer. A family company with almost three decades of experience and expertise in cosmetics production and trade, we never cease to evolve and develop. We are continuously expanding our vast portfolio, always striving to improve and refine our formulations and to be on top of the beauty and skincare trends and innovations. We are a B2B company, working solely with distributors and retailers all over the world. Our goal is to offer our customers and partners exclusive quality at very attractive pricing. 


Sanytol bets on a healthier home by providing an innovative range of disinfectant products without bleach. The disinfectant power of bleach is known and undeniable but many people feel worried about the disadvantages (such as vapour generation or skin irritation) that bleach can entail.


Sea pearl

The brand is renowned for offering high quality cotton buds, balls and pads and has been in the market since a very long time.

At Sirona we are committed towards an exclusive objective, i.e. creating products and driving conversations around the feminine hygiene problems. Simply put, our existence, innovations and solutions begin with your issues and end at your overall wellbeing. Yes, we solve all your unaddressed problems from Puberty to Menopause.


We care about babies and the world they’ll grow up in, and that’s exactly how Snugberi® came to life. Keep your bundle of joy smiling with our environmentally-friendly disposable nappies –– soft, comfy diapers that are kinder to nature, while delivering exceptional performance, leak protection, and breathability. We’ll be adding more ethical baby products to our line –– so watch this space! Live a greener life with little ones, courtesy of Snugberi®



Streax Professional by far is the fastest growing professional Hair brand. What's keeping us ahead of the game is our products which are in line with the industrial needs and latest trends in the market fulfilling our salon professional and end consumer needs from time to time.


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 Swiss Image International AG presents Brand ‘Swiss Image’, a range of innovative and high-quality skin care products. Developed along with our manufacturing arm Medena AG, an Affoltern am Albis based company that specializes in manufacturing of innovative and high-quality Swiss cosmetic & cosmeceutical products for over 50 years. Developed after extensive research, Swiss Image portfolio has a perfect mix of high-quality formulations with aesthetically pleasing packaging. All Swiss Image products contain melt water from Alpine Glaciers along with other select ingredients from one of the world’s purest ecological environments.

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a mission to craft natural skincare products, inspired by the heritage of UAE, that are kind to skin and the planet, The Camel Soap Factory is a Dubai-based manufacturing company of the best natural skin care products with iconic local ingredients, such as camel milk and frankincense.

When Stevi Lawmass, our founder and CEO, first came to Dubai, she realized most gifts were not “made in UAE”. She wanted to create natural products that celebrate the heritage of Dubai and enable the travellers and residents to carry a piece of memory about Dubai. 


themomscoThe Moms Co. creates safe and natural formulated products for babies that are certified toxin-free. The Moms Co. is on a mission to help moms make safe, natural, effective choices for themselves and their families. Their products are developed and tested with the best experts across India, Australia, and Switzerland. With Mother Nature making her presence felt very strongly, everything they create retains the good and rejects the bad to give you a product that is as pure as Mother’s Love.


Flagship brand of Vasu Healthcare, Trichup’s products are seen as the best in the business when it comes to comprehensive hair care solutions. Trichup’s range of products includes Oil, Shampoos, Serum, Hair Packs, Henna, and Hair Creams all of which are meticulously developed to give you healthy hair and treat specific conditions.


TRUYU by QVS belongs to the ZWILLING Beauty Group, a leading beauty tool company with subsidiaries and production sites in the US, Europe, India and China.
You might know them by their former name, QVS.
They have decades of experience in designing and creating beauty tools to suit every type of beauty customer.TRUYU. Beauty starts here.


For 6 decades, Vasmol has been synonymous to the "Kesh Kala" category and still remains a trusted name in millions of households all over India and abroad. The brand has always yearned to provide the safest hair coloring solutions and other hair care products that not only make your hair beautiful but also natural- looking, in a traditional, time-tested way. Over the years, we've enhanced our presence by launching innovative, no ammonia hair color products. In addition, we also have our footprints in the hair oil category as we make various oil products that are known for their unique features. This journey of innovating and introducing path-breaking, credible 'hair care' solutions continues, with the Vasmol team constantly working on a handful of new products in the pipeline. The latest additions to the franchise in the category are Vasmol Advanced Crème hair color (2019) and Vasmol Henna (2019).


"What matters is not the idea a man holds, but the depth at which he holds it" was rightly said by Ezra Pound and aptly suited to Late S.Suchet Singh Kochar when he laid the foundation of Vi-John in the year 1960. This ingenious gentleman was a man of wisdom, principles, and dynamic vision. It was a humble beginning with one small manufacturing unit catering to a segment of personal care products like Vaseline and Perfumed Hair Oil.  When it comes to quality personal care products Vi-John is on the fore. Our product portfolio includes a wide range of products across different categories like the World's Largest Selling Shaving Brand, Toiletries, Perfumes/Deo's, Talcum Powders, Skin Care (winter), and Hair Care products. Our consistent quality has guaranteed our presence in the market for four decades as one of the leading FMCG companies in the country. It would not be out of place to mention here that "Our products are Vouch". The prime reason behind Vi-John's credibility and trustworthiness is the excellent quality of the products.

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Launched in 2005, the revolutionary Original Detangler solved a universal problem - liberating hair from the pain and strain of tangles. Overnight, the hair experience was transformed for all ages and hair types - and this problem-solving philosophy has inspired our broad range of innovative, technology-forward hair products.
Championed by pros from the outset, Wet Brush was quickly adopted by their clients - igniting a global craze and a loyal consumer base. This organic multi-generational community continues to grow through a genuine love of our brushes, the exceptional experience and result of using them, and their trend-forward colors, prints, and limited-edition collections.

Wet Brush

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Xcluzive is high quality & innovative grooming products. It is quite affordable; hence the customers are more likely to purchase on impulse. With the right mix of 3Fs… Function Fun and Fashion, the range is quite literally Xcluzive, Unique and Valued. Xcluzive range includes Bath, Beauty implements, Nail implements & Personal care.


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Launched in 2005, the revolutionary Original Detangler solved a universal problem - liberating hair from the pain and strain of tangles. Overnight, the hair experience was transformed for all ages and hair types - and this problem-solving philosophy has inspired our broad range of innovative, technology-forward hair products.
Championed by pros from the outset, Wet Brush was quickly adopted by their clients - igniting a global craze and a loyal consumer base. This organic multi-generational community continues to grow through a genuine love of our brushes, the exceptional experience and result of using them, and their trend-forward colors, prints, and limited-edition collections.

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Ameltz Yokoyoko offers a variety of products that provide relief from muscle aches, joint pain, and other types of discomfort.

We are one of the leading distributors in the region catering to all the leading hypermarkets, supermarkets, department stores and pharmacies.

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