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Flormar, a brand with Turkish heritage and European origins, has established itself as a master of color, providing women with high-performance makeup at affordable prices. With a remarkable 70 years of expertise in the beauty industry, Flormar holds the position of market leader not only in Turkey but also in over 70 countries worldwide.

In 2012, Flormar became part of Group Rocher, a development that further strengthened its position and allowed the brand to benefit from the collective resources and knowledge within the group.

Within the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Flormar has created a significant presence with 22 stores and 3 kiosks. The brand has gained widespread popularity among makeup enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of products catering to lips, eyes, face, and nails. Flormar stores are designed to be interactive, inspiring, and filled with vibrant colors, providing an exceptional shopping experience that appeals to all consumers.

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